How to Make Your Dinner Great

Sausage & Artichoke

So often we find ourselves with great bases for dinners (grass fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, wild game eggs, organic veggies…) but when you throw it all together, it turns out, well, bland. Sure, you can the flavor of the organic comes through so much stronger, but frankly, I haven’t noticed much difference, and to be honest, Morton’s often makes a sweeter steak than I do. How do they do it?? Well after some convincing, I’ve decided its not through magic, but actually through the time honored tradition of seasoning and preparation. Preparation is a subject we’ll cover in a later post but I’d like to address the concept of seasoning here. For many people when they think seasoning, they think of the little alchemists bottle they tap onto the steak and instantly its transformed into taste heaven. In truth, its not much different than that. You season your meals in order to add flavors which will contrast or complement the main flavor of the dish. A little while ago we added blueberries to steak and it turned out amazing. In this meal we added raisins and raw red onions to balance out the smoothness of the mushrooms and bratwurst. The goal is a harmony of flavor and texture (another subject we’ll cover later). Like a well composed photograph can make the eye travel around the frame as it explores the picture, a well-composed meal makes the tongue want to wander, to taste first sour then sweet, savory and bitter, and you know you’re successful when you can’t decide which bite you want to take next.

The next time you go into the kitchen, pick up something new and add it to your average chicken salad, open up the spice rack and smell those delectable goodies to try and determine which one might enhance the flavor, kick or texture of your everyday normal. You might be surprised how easy it is.

Stuffed Artichoke

Everything goes great with the delightfully salty juices of sausage. Heres a great way to spruce up some artichokes! Find the eRecipe here.


Eggplant Lasagna

Eggplant lasagna

Our delicious Eggplant Lasagna! Wanna know how to make it? Check out our newest product, downloadable recipes! Get our featured recipes one at a time, or wait until Sundays to download an ebook of the featured recipes and meal ideas presented through the week!

The Odd Couple – Beef and Blueberries


The unusual couple, beef and blueberries. My husband came up with this concoction which was, surprisingly, incredibly delicious, who knew beef and blueberries went so well together!

Favorite Veggies?


Veggies anyone??? Are you eating enough? What is your favorite vegetable or veggie dish?

Pumpkin Chicken


Chicken served with Grilled Zucchini and Mashed Pumpkin. For the mashed pumpkin I used two Tbsp coconut milk for every cup of cubed pumpkin and blended well. That was the star of the meal. The hubby licked the plate and went after the blender scraps.

Moroccan Lamb


Moroccan Lamb with Cauliflower Couscous: Lamb tips marinated with beef broth, garlic, cinnamon, clove and a dash of curry, cooked in a dutch oven with onions, tomatoes, ginger and figs, served over shredded cauliflower.

Brussel Sprouts Fun


Brussels Sprouts are in season! I love having these as a side dish. I sautee with a little bit of oil for a few minutes, then add some beef broth over very high heat until the liquid evaporates, I repeat this a few times to get super flavorful Brussels sprouts

Parsley Chicken


Parsley Chicken served with shredded carrots and turnips. Slow cooked the chicken with parsley and garlic. For the salad, shredded and sautéed the carrots and parsnips



Frittata: cooked up some sausage along with a portobello mushroom, fennel and tomatos. Bake at 350 for about half an hour. To make it extra fluffy, give the eggs a good whipping before putting it in the oven and cook a bit slower

Pumpkin Lasagna


Lasagna, made with pumpkin. Quick and easier than regular lasagna (who needs to wait hours for it to cook). Thin pumpkin slices served as my ‘pasta’ and layered ground beef with tomato, onion, parsley and spices. Baked for about 15 min and voila! So good that after one bite I went back for a second heaping, before the hubby chowed it all down.

Olive Lemon Chicken


Olive Lemon Chicken: Pounded chicken breast rolled with puree’d olives and garlic cooked on a bed of sliced lemons. Cooked the broccoli in the liquid after.

Sausage Sauteed with Fennel & Asparagus


Went for a 1 pot #paleo dinner, asparagus and fennel sautee-ing in/with the sausage fat. Quick, easy and best of all minimal clean up after!



Fajitas: Deliciously aged pot roast from last night paired with onions, peppers, zuchinni and salsa (added some olives for a nice tangy kick to it)

Kitchen Sink Salad


A kitchen sink salad for someone on the go, chopped up some mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes, nuts and cinnamon chicken and topped it off with a quick lemon-honey mustard-chive-and-oil dressing.

Pot Roast


Last nights dinner: #paleo potroast with a twist of ginger and portobello mushrooms, delish! Trippling as lunch today and for ‘fajitas’ tonight!

Marinated Steak


Looking for a great summer meal, how about some marinated steak and sauteed collard greens. We used a sesame-lime-oil marinade for about 30 minutes and then I let my husband do some searing madness

Collard Greens with Beef on Top


Beef on a bed of Collard Greens: Cook the collard greens for only a few minutes to help soften them, but not make them soggy!

Avocado Tuna


Here’s a nice fresh meal for days you want something light on the palate. Take a fish of your choice, I used tuna here, add lemon, fresh herbs and slice up some avocado to accompany. Filling without being overbearing!

Festive Winter Dinner


Festive Winter Dinner: Chicken topped with cranberry salsa (cranberries coked with some honey, shallots and celery) and asparagus.

Shrimp Broccoli


I love shrimp, what a great source of protein and despite what people think, the high levels of cholesterol aren’t processed by the human body so its pretty safe to eat. Pair it with mango and some broccoli and you have quite the succulent meal!

Baba Ganush


Middle Eastern qucik and easy dinner. Baba Ganush with olive oil and olives, chicken and veggies. Made the eggplant hummus over the weekend so this was really fast!

Baba Ganush Burrito


paleo Mexican nights in full swing. My husband is always dying for a burrito toward the end of the week, this time I tried to cure the craving. Used homemade baba ganush as a sour cream substitute, sauteed veggies (red cabbage turned out great in this), shredded chicken and spices all rolled up in a huge collard green leaf. Needless to say the creation didnt last long…

Almond Crusted Chicken


Almond crusted chicken, used chia seeds in a mix of chopped nuts and egg wash to give the chicken a delicious crust. Paired nicely with steamed artichoke.