How to Make Your Dinner Great

So often we find ourselves with great bases for dinners (grass fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, wild game eggs, organic veggies…) but when you throw it all together, it turns out, well, bland. Sure, you can the flavor of the organic comes through so much stronger, but frankly, I haven’t noticed much difference, and to be honest, Morton’s often makes a sweeter steak than I do. How do they do it?? Well after some convincing, I’ve decided its not through magic, but actually through the time honored tradition of seasoning and preparation. Preparation is a subject we’ll cover in a later post but I’d like to address the concept of seasoning here. For many people when they think seasoning, they think of the little alchemists bottle they tap onto the steak and instantly its transformed into taste heaven. In truth, its not much different than that. You season your meals in order to add flavors which will contrast or complement the main flavor of the dish. A little while ago we added blueberries to steak and it turned out amazing. In this meal we added raisins and raw red onions to balance out the smoothness of the mushrooms and bratwurst. The goal is a harmony of flavor and texture (another subject we’ll cover later). Like a well composed photograph can make the eye travel around the frame as it explores the picture, a well-composed meal makes the tongue want to wander, to taste first sour then sweet, savory and bitter, and you know you’re successful when you can’t decide which bite you want to take next.

The next time you go into the kitchen, pick up something new and add it to your average chicken salad, open up the spice rack and smell those delectable goodies to try and determine which one might enhance the flavor, kick or texture of your everyday normal. You might be surprised how easy it is.

A Healthier Start

What kind of breakfast do you make? Where do you get your nutrients? Your protein? Your fats? In this breakfast we made a little eggs over easy, some bok choy and a lot of oranges and apples to top it off. Veggies are perhaps the most important component of any breakfast but most people don’t get enough. What are the benefits? You get the nutrients, the fiber and the volume to help keep you fuller throughout the day.

What’s better than omelettes? Eggplant Lasagna Omelettes!

Looking for a breakfast idea this morning, you might take some inspiration from this. We took some unused eggplant from the other evening, whipped it up nice and special with tomatoes and ginger and came out with a deliciously rich flavored breakfast that kept us going for hours and hours. Find the recipe here. Enjoy!

Stuffed Artichoke

Everything goes great with the delightfully salty juices of sausage. Heres a great way to spruce up some artichokes! Find the eRecipe here.


Eggplant Lasagna

Our delicious Eggplant Lasagna! Wanna know how to make it? Check out our newest product, downloadable recipes! Get our featured recipes one at a time, or wait until Sundays to download an ebook of the featured recipes and meal ideas presented through the week!

The Odd Couple – Beef and Blueberries

The unusual couple, beef and blueberries. My husband came up with this concoction which was, surprisingly, incredibly delicious, who knew beef and blueberries went so well together!

How to Melt Ice Like a Caveman

Its time to raise some money for the Wounded Warriors Foundation and Athletes for a Cure, I fight for my father, who do you fight for? I will sign any inscription to any books ordered between now and October 1st for a donation of any amount to my Fight Gone Bad page.

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce for anyone. Chopped cranberries, honey, pomegranate juice (concentrate) orange juice, orange zest. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, good luck keeping it as paleo as possible!

Omega 3′s

Omega 3 fatty acids are good; they reduce inflammation and they balance out the heavily biased saturated and Omega 6 fats in our standard diets (even paleo unless you go all grass fed). But they’re hard to come by these days. The best way I know, supplement your diet with Fish Oil. Make sure to read the labels for the amount of DHA in each serving and do your research on their quality control. If you already take fish oil, how much do you take and why?

Favorite Veggies?

Veggies anyone??? Are you eating enough? What is your favorite vegetable or veggie dish?